Tuesday, April 28, 2015

            Everyday children are bullied, whether it is at school, after curriculum activities, or online.  These people are made fun of, talked about, and even hurt physically.   Bullying an individual is cruel and it does not do anything but hurt the people involved.  The victims can be hurt physically, emotionally, and mentally.  They can be hurt physically by being hit or beaten up.  Bullying hurts emotionally because after a child is bullied, they think less of themselves and begin to become self-conscious.  Bullying hurts a person mentally by thinking that they are never good enough, sometimes even to the point of taking their own life.  Conrad Roy was on the verge of dying, when he text his friend for comfort.  Instead of her telling him that everything would be okay and just to come home, she told him to get back into his car and inhale the toxic fumes.  Rebecca Sedwick transferred schools to get away from the bullying.  This only caused the the bullying to spread to the internet.  One of the bullies even wrote to Rebecca, "drink bleach and die."  Rebecca committed suicide by jumping off of a cement factory tower.  Phoebe Prince was taunted and physically bullied by at least six girls.  She hung herself from a stairwell because of her life at school.  These three children are just the start of suicide from bullying.  This problem needs to come to an end, because bullying causes death.